Household Management Binder

Yesterday I spent the better part of nap time making a household management binder, and it was truly a Zen-like experience.  So much organization….so many file folders….so many Post Its!  Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin.  It’s things like this that get me all worked up. You should see what happens when I’m let loose in an Office Depot.

I mentioned it on Facebook and had a couple of people ask me what the hell a household management binder is.  Well, my friends, you’re in for a real treat.  Seriously.  This is fun for me.

Basically, a household management binder is a place to keep all of the papers, flotsam,and jetsam that make up your day to day life.  To-Do lists, grocery lists, coupons, school papers, phone numbers, whatever!  You can make whatever categories work best for your own busy life.  Here’s what works for mine:


I got a 1.5″ binder from Target, along with pocketed dividers, page protectors, clearance notebooks, and a couple of cork tiles.


I cut the cork to fit and pasted it to the inside cover of my binder.  Here’s where I’m sticking Post-It note reminders, and where eventually I’ll tack stamps and what not.


Then I made a “Peek at the Week”  front and center, courtesy of the free printables at IHeart Organizing.  You can get your own here:

My first folder is for Meals.  Here I put my weekly grocery list, weekly meal plan, coupons, and a freezer inventory for my deep freeze.

Next is Planning.  Here I put my household project list, birthday invitations, etc.

After that is my School section.  Here I have my PTO directory, calendar, permission slips, school info, etc.

This is Finance.  I’ve got all of my recent receipts and will eventually have my budget stuff in here, too.

Next is my Contacts section.  I printed out a Phone Directory for numbers that I want to have handy (in case there’s a nuclear explosion and my iPhone is lost in the blast).

I also printed a family yellow pages, to keep numbers for doctors, dentists, bug guy, etc.

This is my Hospitality section.  I’ve got address labels, thank you notes, cards, etc. in the front pocket.

And in the same section is a list of all the birthdays and anniversaries by month (so that I no longer have an “oh crap” moment when somebody has a birthday on the first but I forgot because it wasn’t clearly visible on my wall calendar).

I have a section just for my own projects, like this blog and other crafty things that I’d like to accomplish.

And finally I have a Reference section, which is really more for anyone else who may be watching the kids (or my husband, who I’m pretty sure doesn’t know our pediatrician’s name much less her phone number).

I included babysitter notes, as well as a breakdown of my oldest’s asthma medication regiment.

And, because I am a paranoid person, I like to have CPR information at hand.  Somebody’s choking? Quick, find the binder!!

Finally, I have a folder for all of the girls’ activities – art, music, Girl Scouts, whatever.

And I glued another piece of cork to the back for me to eventually tack take-out menus.

And it’s just that simple! And beautiful.  Oh Binder, how I love thee……

I got most of my ideas from the following two sites:

And a lot of the printables from this site:



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