Searching for Super Projects: Baby-Safe Paint

I’m in a “weekly feature” kind of mood lately and trying to give this blog some direction, so I’ve decided to introduce yet another weekly feature! This one’s called, “Searching for Super Projects”.  Basically, I’ll be your Pinterest guinea pig.  All of this cute craft ideas that you’ve pinned to your Pinterest board but haven’t actually done? Yep, I’ll try them out.  I’ll figure out what actually works and what doesn’t, and share my results with you.

Basically, I just want a good excuse to finally do one of the hundreds of projects I’ve pinned.

Yesterday, the girls and I made baby-safe paint.  Yeah, yeah, most paint for children is labeled non-toxic, but I really don’t want to test that theory on my 15-month old who eats everything she can get her chubby little hands on.   Luckily, a mom on the blog Blower Power ( had a paint recipe that’s safe for the littlest artists.

Here’s whatcha need:


Boiling water

Food Coloring


Here’s whatcha do:

1. Put about 1/3 cup of flour into a bowl (I originally used plastic bowls, then realized that boiling water would be involved and switched to ceramic).

2.  Add about 1/3 cup boiling water.  Mix well to form a peanut butter-like paste.

3.  Add a few spoonfuls of cold water and stir until the mixture forms a paint-like consistency, adding more cold water if necessary.

4.  Add food coloring to reach desired color.

And there you have it! Paint that’s safe enough to eat (though I don’t recommend it).

The girls had a BLAST with it (despite how crazy messy it was.  FYI, flour mixtures are STICKY).

C was the only one to actually use a paintbrush and stay relatively clean:

A got pretty messy…..

But at least it’s safe for her to do this:


Overall?  Messy, but fun.  Easy to set up,  but clean up took awhile.   A had such a great time getting to paint like a big girl with her sisters, so despite the messy factor I’m sure that we’ll be repeating this project over the summer.



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