40 Days of Kindness – Week 1

Two unforeseen trips to Austin have gotten me behind on our kindness project, but we’re back, baby!

Yes, I just called you baby.  Roll with it.

Last week we all made an effort towards going out of our way to be kind to others.  L told me that she helped her friends clean up their messes at school, even when she didn’t have to (and as a result got to roll the coveted Happy Cube not once but TWICE).  C and I brought in neighbors’ trash cans and newspapers where we saw them and she was extra helpful around the house.  I tried very hard not to yell at anyone (and sometimes succeeded).

But our big project of the week was our letter to a soldier.  I wasn’t able to find any information on sending a letter to a random soldier stationed overseas (apparently just listing “an American soldier” on the envelope is not enough; you need an actual name), but a friend gave me the address to a local Wounded Warriors foundation.  http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/    Hopefully our letter will get to a recovering soldier and give them a bit of cheer:

L’s drawing (the back says, “I hope you’re not sad today”)


C’s Cinderella page

  Sealing the envelope….


 Ready to mail!


This week we’re going to continue to be kind when possible: holding the doors for people, letting cars go in front of us, making a point to look people in the eye and smile at them.  Our big project is making cookies and delivering them to the local fire station. Stay tuned!